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We are an international group of educational TA practitioners who first got together to create an educational symposium for the 2010 ITAA Conference in Montreal.

We now want to share and develop our ideas with a wider network of people worldwide who are interested in using TA in an educational context – with parents, pre-school, school, adult, any formal or informal setting for learning.

If you have questions you want to ask or ideas you want to share you can contact any of us via our email addesses and websites in the people section, or just email for more info.



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INTO TA: a comprehensive textbook on transactional analysis

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What is Educational TA?

The Education field of specialisation is for TA practitioners who work in the area of learning and study in pre-school, school, university and post-university contexts or for the support of child, adolescent and adult learners within the family, the institution or society. The work may be applied in the development of teaching teams and institutions. The aim is to further personal and professional growth, both scholastic and social. TA can be used as a practical psychology that offers a way of transforming educational philosophy and principles into everyday practice. Educational TA can be both preventive and restorative; its aim is to increase personal autonomy, support people in developing their own personal and professional philosophies to enable optimum psychological health and growth.

International Training and Certification Council of Transactional Analysis


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